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Prospero Software - An Introduction

An Introduction

On 29th March 2017 Prospero Software Limited was incorporated.

Prospero has significant amounts of code used in several companies. Upgrading from a sole trader to a limited company will make it easier to market and resell this software and consulting.

What does Prospero do? Builds Microsoft Windows desktop applications for business, with a focus on manufacturing. Also, software support, consulting, and some cloud solutions. In and around Bristol, UK.

Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, .Net, C#, VB.Net, WPF, Entity Framework, NuGet. Cloud Azure, SQL Azure. Reporting Services.

Modules include: Product definition, bill of materials, product images, route cards and new product introduction, NPI. Works orders and production planning. Tool stock management. Planned preventative maintenance. Label and barcode databases. Quality control, reject and non-conformance systems. Quotes, orders, advice notes, invoices, and purchase orders. Basic bookkeeping.

Bespoke modules: We can modify modules to include your company specifics. So, for instance use the tool stock management system, then add definition for your tool types.

Manufacturing solutions: These systems help small companies and those with multi-million pound turnovers. Technical departments build up a product definition, which links to tools and images. Order demand generates works orders and then route cards.

Bespoke development: Do you have lots of Excel spreadsheets which are difficult to leverage. Would you like to upgrade MS Access to SQL Server? Would you like us to advise and create bespoke software for a particular issue?

Cloud Solutions: One successful solution migrates label data from a UK site to an SQL Azure database in West US for use in a Las Vegas distribution unit. Another stores thousands of images in a content delivery network for a web shop.

Software support: Are you struggling to support old technologies? Prospero could support these, while migrating part or all the system to modern architectures. Prospero has helped a software house repatriate support of an old SQL2000/VB6 financial application, while they build a modern replacement.

Demo machines and software: Prospective customers may trial our software on our virtual machines in the cloud.

Software consultancy: Support for developers including advice on VSTS and TFS, automated builds, creating NuGet packages, Entity Framework, and Coded UI testing.

Associates: Prospero would like to associate with other professionals and companies with complimentary skill sets.

What's in a name? Prospero is the Shakespeare magician in the Tempest. Software is a sort of magic. Some critics suggest that Shakespeare cast Prospero in the image of himself. Meanwhile, Prospero is the Latin for "I further (cause to succeed)" or just "Prosper". It seems a great fit.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on"

Contact: Please visit and maybe follow Prospero Software's company page or message me.

Author: Stephen Shakespeare: Founder of Prospero Software Limited. Software developer, experienced in Microsoft SQL Server and .Net technologies. With 20 years of manufacturing experience and 11 years as a sole trader.


Prospero believes in helping organisations and making your job easier, while providing a friendly approach. When you prosper so does Prospero.

Prospero will work with many organisations, but will be particular sympathetic to work with other organisations that are considerate to the environment and society.

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