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Prospero Software over FreeAgent includes:

Prospero KPI Agent

Prospero Power BI application on Microsoft App Source for analysis of FreeAgent data.

Power BI


Bespoke Integrations to FreeAgent

Systems for: Types of systems:

Example of Bespoke

Bespoke reports

These reports have been sold since early 2020. As early adpoters, please feel free to suggest new features which may benefit yourself and/or other Prospero customers


Accelerate Agency

I hired Stephen through his company Prospero Software, to help improve our Financial Forecasting and extend features in our Finance Software package FreeAgent.

He was able to produce a Power BI App that far exceeded my expectations. It answers my key business questions on profitability & margins, highlighted data discrepancies, and helps refine and improve how our company operated.

Also, I was amazed at how quickly we received new features, he`s a machine!

I can’t thank Stephen enough for the work that he did for us - he`s made a real difference to our company.

Phil Pearce
May 20, 2020

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