Microsoft 365

  • Office Apps
  • MS Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Business Voice


Work securely in the cloud

  • No need to maintain internal servers
  • No capital expenditure. Start next week.
  • Subscription based. Shrink, grow and flex with your business and head count.

Everything in one place

  • Document storage with OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Email with Exchange online

Microsoft Teams

  • Communicate effectively
  • IM Chat, Speak or Meet
  • Organise your business in to Teams

Modern Integrated Apps

  • Create documentation with a SharePoint site
  • Microsoft Lists are super flexible and easy to use
  • Organise your business in to Teams


  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • ... much more

Typical contract details


Subscriptions offered at Microsoft RRP.

Setup and Training

Prospero can assist with setup and initial training


  1. No Support
  2. Subscription based and discounted
  3. Pay as you go

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