SharePoint Online

SharePoint is fully integrated with Micorosft 365. It keeps getting better.

  • Home site
  • Global Navigation
  • Hub sites
Document management:
  • A significant amount of SharePoint storage capacity is included with each organisation tenant. With additional storage per user.
  • Reduce or remove costs of internal or third party provisioned servers
  • Metadata
  • Create views of your documents to find quicker
  • Versioning
  • Enhance collaboration with document sharing, co-authoring, and real-time collaboration ensures everyone stays on the same page
Organisation assets:
  • Office templates
  • Images such as photos and logos
  • Organisation
  • Department
  • Project
Share sites with external users:
  • Auditors and accountants are used to working with SharePoint with their clients
  • Clients and suppliers
  • Project teams with multiple companies and consultants
  • With some care this will be secure
Prospero Integrations with SharePoint:
  • Store Sales and Purchase Invoices and update the meta data from another database source
  • Bespoke development
  • Organisation site templates
  • Prospero is pleased to help with 2-3 international charities. SharePoint works well internationally.
  • Prospero has also introduced SharePoint to SMEs

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