Prospero Software has many years of experience developing software using Microsoft stack of technologies.


Microsoft SQL Server

  • Database Development
  • Database Administration
  • Reporting Services
  • Integration Services
  • SQL Azure
  • Oversight and audits

Microsoft Visual Studio

  • C#
  • Entity Framework Core
  • WPF and XAML
  • Migrations from .NET Framework to .NET 5,6,7,8
  • .Net Standard
  • VB.Net
  • WinForms

Visual Basic 6 (Legacy)

  • Visual Basic 6 is still used successfully in a number of organisations.
  • There are lots of benefits to modernisation
  • Prospero is able to support Visual Basic 6 applications.
  • This may be during a transition to more modern languages.

Power BI

  • Excellent modern analytics tools


  • SQL Azure
    Microsoft manage the servers
  • Function Apps
  • Logic Apps
  • Event Grid
  • API Management
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Plan, Build, Test, Package

  • Azure Dev/Ops
    Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts
  • Pack, Deploy
    Use NuGet to package modules with versioning
  • IaC Infrastructure as code

Other technologies

  • PowerShell
  • Office 365
  • Sharepoint
  • Crystal reports
  • Office development using MS Access Applications and VBA
    • Historically built these applications.
    • Prospero can support or to migrate from them to .Net.

Web Development

  • This site was built by Prospero Software
  • Prospero can build "Line of Business" web and intranet apps
  • Prospero does not normally develop marketing web sites

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