Software that integrates with popular platforms

In today's world companies often use multiple pieces of software. This makes sense as each can be good at the job it is doing.
Prospero is good at integrating these different data sources.

Prospero KPI Agent

Prospero Power BI application on Microsoft App Source for analysis of FreeAgent data.

Power BI



Experience of integrating with FreeAgent



Time Doctor

From Time Doctor to SQL to Google Sheets

Google Sheets

For instance:

  • Time Doctor to SQL Azure on a schedule
  • Sums in SQL
  • SQL to Google Sheets on a schedule

Dynamics 365 and Dataverse

Programmatic integration with Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft dataverse


  • Knowledge to website


Programmatic integration with SharePoint

Programmatically update metadata

Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph is a way of programmatically taking actions in Microsoft 365.

Power BI


MStore is an EPOS system. Electronic point of sale.
Sometimes used in tourist destinations for ticket sales.

Prospero has done some works:

  • MStore to SQL with a data warehouse style schema
  • SQL to Power BI

Data Migration

Automated and scheduled migration.
Likely to require bespoke mapping in-between

Saves manual input time and improves accuracy

Bespoke Integrations

Q. Does your manufacturing, bookkeeping, accounts or CRM system miss a feature you would really like to see?
A. Let Prospero import the data and then extend the database schema providing you with extra reporting or a bespoke UI interface.
App Data

Prospero Tailored App

FreeAgent Microsoft Excel Bespoke Database

Azure DevOps

Automated and scheduled migration of work items.

Integrate work items with other parts of the application such as:

  • Time Sheets
  • Journal

Sage 200

Experience of integrating with Sage 200

Sage 200

Other Integrations

Prospero Software can integrate with third-party software

  • FreeAgent
  • Xero
  • Clockify
  • Sage 200
  • Alfresco ECM and CMIS
  • Pegasus Opera
  • Prospero Standard Database
  • Your bespoke database
  • Your third-party system

KPI Agent

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