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History of PSP Java Decimals

05June2003: Version 4.4. Recompile all classes using JDK 1.4. Minimum JDK level now 1.2 (was previously 1.1).

14Dec2002: Version 4.3. Fixed functions which test numeric values in PSPDec and PSPDecAr classes. Methods such as isPositive() and isZero() were failing on limit values e.g. working fine for 0.99998 but not for 0.99999. Also fixed methods used where PSPDec values set from PSPDecAr.

07Oct2002: Version 4.2. Extended PSPNum to redraw itself better when used in containers such as GridBagLayout. Tidied up and re-released PSPNumS (Swing version of PSPNum)

23Jul2002: Version 4.1. At user request, made a Swing version of PSPNum available - as new class PSPNumS. PSPNum and PSPNumS have identical functionality, but PSPNumS supports better Swing look. Version 4.1 release re-generated (not treated as a new release).

08Nov2001: Version 4.1. Fixed minor bug in PSPDec and PSPDecAr classes for assign(String) and assignRound(String) methods. Bug occured only when parameter String consisted entirely of whitespace characters. Version 4.1 release re-generated (not treated as a new release).

23Aug2000. Version 4.1. Made PSPDec and PSPDecAr classes serializable at user request. Also modified serialization for PSPNum class - improvements and fixes. Upgrade from previous versions essential if serialization is of interest to you.

26Jul2000: Version 4.0. Fixed bug in PSPDec class for assign(String) and assignRound(String) methods. Bug affected only decimal numbers with large number of decimal places (more than 10) and threw a run-time java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, so should have been detected in most user applications anyway before numeric values corrupted. Upgrade from previous versions recommended even if user applications do not typically have large number of decimal places.

17Mar2000: Re-released Version 3.9. No change to any functions, but revised documentation to clarify how masks work (new file PSPMask.html). This file now referenced from other documentation e.g. javadoc documentation for PSPDec and PSPDecMask classes.

07Nov1999: Version 3.9 of all classes. Revised licensing - all now FREE with optional 'pay only if satisfied'. Technical changes follow revised (more consistent) use of package names. prospero and prosperodemo packages changed to uk.co.prosperosoftware.pspnum and uk.co.prosperosoftware.pspnumdemo respectively. Names of jar and zip files changed accordingly - pspnum replacing prospero everywhere. Recompiled all classes using JDK 1.2 . No new features introduced, so PSPDec and PSPDecAr classes should still be backwards compatible to JDK 1.0 and PSPNum class to JDK 1.1. Regenerated all javadoc documentation.

01Mar1999: Version 3.8 of PSPDec, PSPDecAr and supporting classes - based upon equivalent C++ classes with functionality proven in our older VBX/ActiveX products and with other products/platforms. First version of these classes - assigned same version number as PSPNum JavaBean, which now uses PSPDec internally instead of java.math.BigDecimal class. Sundry minor fixes both to PSPNum and PSPNum demonstration classes. Redefinition of release objects (zip, jar files) to reflect extended range of all our Java classes.

23Jun1998: Version 3.7. Following testing on Solaris/AIX platforms as part of 100% Pure Java certification, revised font settings in PSPNum ancillary classes such as PSPNumCustomizer and PSPNumDemo. Otherwise no major change to PSPNum functionality.

05Apr998: Version 3.6. Revised initialization of PSPNum ActiveBackColor property (now defaults to White) if no deliberate setting in environment. Incorrect default initialization was causing entire property to be ignored in tools such as BeanBox.

24Nov1997: Version 3.5. Improved control of caret positioning when PSPNum 1) gains input focus and 2) already has the input focus. Introduced new CARET_POSITION variables for easy relative positioning of caret. Fixed problem where getCaretPosition() and setCaretPosition() methods working incorrectly for text aligned center or right. At user request, made focusGained() and focusLost() methods non-final to allow user classes extending PSPNum to have additional focus processing.

28Sep1997: Version 3.4. Removed compression from jar files to ease use in CLASSPATH setting on user systems. Added version and author sections to HTML files. No functional changes to PSPNum bean itself.

17Jul1997: Version 3.3. Fixed problem where ENTER and TAB keys were being swallowed by PSPNum. Revised demo HTML file to run demo applet correctly using jar files only (class files not separately required). Confirmed serializable behaviour acceptable as is - no code changes.

19Jun1997: Version 3.2. Sundry enhancements and minor bug fixes mostly affecting user key input. Reorganised jar/zip files to simplify download/usage. Revised demo applet to use absolute rather than relative jar references. Extended mask facilities to allow whitespace characters in certain positions. Revised Text for OverflowException message to more clearly show actual number of DigitsBeforeDP digits exceeded. Changed handling of keying overflow where OverflowKey set to BUMP_BEFOREDP and MAX_DIGITS_BEFORE limit reached: behaviour now like OVERFLOW_IGNORE rather than OVERFLOW_EXCEPTION. Fixed caret repositioning where valid keystroke (e.g. digit '0') does not alter numeric value. Fixed minor errors where DV mask component changed from default '.'. Removed internal error if Del key pressed at last displayed digit. Extended trapping of other internal errors thrown by private functions.

09Jun1997: Version 3.1. Introduced packages 'pspnum' and 'pspnumdemo' to help product organisation/use. Major extensions to incorporate Bean standards. New PSPNumBeanInfo and PSPNumCustomizer classes. Added support for PropertyChangeListener interface for major PSPNum properties. Changed default font for PSPNum from Courier to Monospace. For consistency with getter/setter standards, changed name of method 'getMaskAll' to 'getMask' and introduced new 'getTextRefresh' method. Fixed bug where delete/backspace of single displayed digit not working. Complete revision of PSPNum demo to show PSPNumCustomizer and bound property changes.

05May1997: Version 3.0. Full rewrite of to use latest features of Java 1.1 and eliminate dependency on platform-specific proprietary DLL. Future extensions planned to more fully support emerging Beans standard such as BeanInfo files, serialisation, jar files, ActiveX bridging.

17Jan1997: Version 2.9 (first public release) of PSPNum Java class. Not a Bean (JavaBean standard not yet published). Based on JDK 1.0.2 event-handling. Used JDK 1.0.2 native API to interface to proprietary DLL containing majority of functionality.