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pspdec V4.4 PSP Java Decimal classes introduction

The main Java class here is PSPDec for single decimal numeric values. A second class PSPDecAr handles arrays of decimal numeric values. PSPDecAr is based on PSPDec.

Both PSPDec and PSPDecAr are non-visual classes. That is, do not require the presence of a GUI. So they can be deployed on either the client-side or server-side in your Java applications.

For PSP decimals, you can specify exactly how many digits you want either side of the decimal place. For the selected size of number, the numeric value is represented completely accurately - there is no 'degree of precision'. Internal operations use zoned decimal and packed decimal formats. PSP decimals also accurately support a range of common mathematical and array operations, so are particularly suitable for monetary (money, currency) numbers.

So PSP decimal classes store and manipulate decimal numeric values much more reliably than floating-point data types. They also offer significant advantages compared to the native Java BigDecimal class.

Our decimal classes are written to fully respect Java standards in all areas - naming conventions, documentation, error-handling etc. The classes simply extend low-level Java classes such as java.lang.Object, so can be used at any level of Java from version 1.0.2 upwards.

Our development platforms are primarily Windows 2000 and Linux RedHat. On these platform we have tested PSPDec/PSPDecAr fully using simple Java applets and applications. We welcome feedback from users as to how PSP decimal classes function on all platforms.