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AS/400 Systems

IBM midrange systems redevelopment

We help with all aspects of IBM midrange systems:

  • Any range: ISeries (AS/400, AS400) , System/38 or System/36.
  • Porting: complete rewrites to different platfoms e.g. new Windows interface, new database etc.
  • Rejuvenation: tools and techniques for modernising old RPG and CL code.
  • Logic mining: extracting valuable business rules locked up in current code.
  • California Software: Migration from legacy extension products (Baby36, Baby400, Unibol36, Unibol400, InfiniteIseries, Infinite36) to native systems.
  • Performance analysis: fast but thorough reviews and fixes for systems that are performing badly.
  • Partitioning: how to split older systems into layers to make any rework easier.
  • Web enablement: how to introduce a Web browser interface and run the system on the Internet or on your own network.
  • Direct data serving: how to serve business data directly from your system to new applications on other platforms.
  • Direct progam interfaces: how best to reuse legacy RPG programs with new front-end applications.
  • Turnkey conversions: low-cost rewrites of entire applications.
  • System reviews: we review your applications to evaluate migration/conversion options.
  • Data conversions: simple tools to share or migrate data between old and new platforms/applications.
  • Developer transition: how to acquire or evolve any new developer skills you need.
  • Transition strategies: where/how to run old and new systems in parallel or go for 'big-bang' conversions etc.
  • Java: Our particular speciality on IBM midrange and other platforms.

IBM rebranded the AS/400 - some users called it AS400 - to ISeries several years ago. All 3 names - ISeries, AS/400, AS400 - refer to exactly the same system.